Password Management – What Is It And Why Is It So Important?

Whether or not your devices and business have ever been hacked, it doesn’t guarantee you’ll never experience the threat (again). You could be next in the line of businesses that shatter and lose valuable assets to hackers. You’d be surprised at the revelation that out of 100 scenarios, it’s more often than not that poor password habits invite hackers within a system.

This scary scenario emphasizes on 2 amendments that every aware individual should focus on – 1st, adopt password management methods, and 2nd, educate staff members so that they are made aware of how not to be the source of malware and phishing attacks. So, just follow the tips that come next in this guide to switch to clean cybersecurity habits.

  1. Make The Password Safe

A safe password is long, strong, unique, and something that’s not shared with unauthorized people.

To make it strong and unique,

  • Use different characters – symbols, uppercase, and lowercase alphabets, and numbers

To make it long,

  • Ensure it’s never less than 8 characters. Cyber experts suggest using 12 or more characters (20 characters or more is the best figure).

To keep it exclusive,

  • Do not share it with irrelevant people
  • Give all employees a different username and password so that you can track the browsing habits of every employee separately
  1. Use MFA and Lockout Methods

Lockout method is highly underrated but an extremely effective cybersecurity practice. If someone is trying to hack password, there are going to be failed attempts. Locking/blocking the account after a few failed attempts reduces the chances of forced entry.

MFA or multi-factor authentication is another strong system protection trick. Using MFA means that individuals will be provided access to unlock a system (or app(s) in a system) only upon qualifying multiple recognition methods, not just one.

  1. Password Management Tool

It’s humanly impossible to remember multiple long and complex passwords. So, you can use a master password management app where you can feed all the other passwords. You’ll have to remember only one password in such a way. However, the things to remember when using such apps include;

  • Design the password of the master password app to be extremely strong because if this one is breached, all systems and accounts can be hacked at once
  • Do not forget the master password otherwise, you’ll be locked out
  • Use only highly rated apps that are constantly updated by software manufacturers so that all bugs are fixed constantly

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