Elements of an Online Webinar

The online webinar is a virtual live event that is executed online. It instructs using visual and audio communication between a speaker and audiences.

It enables slides sharing and interactive sessions through Q&A features and chats boxes.

Every instructive or educational video on the internet does not necessarily qualify as an online webinar.

To be an online webinar, the online event must have the following elements:

A Live Event

A webinar like every other event has a predetermined date and time.

Many companies make their event video online afterward. Before the event, organizers send a link to participants to watch the webinar; this ensures no one misses out on the session. There has to be a predetermined time to make the live streaming, and this differentiates a webinar with every other video

Online Attendees

An event can’t occur without attendees. Because webinars can be viewed on demand, you don’t need a lot of attendees but few.

 To increase attendance, companies consider what time and day they organize their attendees.

Interaction and Participation

 The interaction can take several forms; the capabilities depend on the type of screen sharing software being used.

Every online webinar has one thing in common- time for Q&A. It’s crucial to have a webinar with questions from the audience.

Many webinars have live chats. This is usually how these questions are asked. Only the webinar host gets to see the questions.  Other times, the chat feature goes live. All attendees see comments in the chat box and reply to each other.

Another interactive trait is the presence of surveys and polls. The host has questions, and participants are given some time to respond. The results are then immediately displayed on the screen.

Although you can watch it on-demand later, participating live enables you to ask the host questions, participate in polls, or interact with other participants.

Streamed Video of a Speaker

A speaker who has authority on the treated topic is required to inform the participants. And webinar means it will be done through a live-streamed video.

A webinar allows you to see the speaker without been seen.

Webinar Software

 You need webinar software to execute these elements. This software makes ease of sessions, enabling you to have an interactive event with participants from anywhere around the world.

For companies wanting to create online webinars but with limited budgets, they can maximize this event opportunity through free webinar software.

The capabilities will vary between webinar software. Everyone wouldn’t need each of the features a provider has to offer.

Depending on the webinar platform, features can include:

  • Screen sharing
  • Polls and surveys
  • Live Chats
  • Q&A tools
  • Streaming capabilities
  • Pre-recorded voice and sound options
  • Sending invitations from the webinar software
  • Multiple presenters
  • Calendar notifications
  • Registration reminders

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