How the manicure industry became an industry in the first place?

Cleanliness is next to godliness. It is one of the first things that a child is taught while growing up. Along with it one of the most common habits that are being embedded in people’s mind is the fact that one must keep their nails tidy and cut. This habit is maintained mostly in childhood but when one starts to have income on their own Especially for women, cutting of nails and keeping them clean becomes more a work of parlours rather than a household habit. From this phenomenon of getting nails done in parlours, the manicure Industry begins and blooms.

What are the risks you may get exposed to if you are getting a manicure done?

Manicures ( ทำเล็บ ,w hich is the term in Thai) simply means getting ones nail done by professionals with the help of professional tools and chemicals. Now when it comes to manicures, you must remember that there are two different types of nail polishes. The first one is the normal chemical one which women use in their houses and the second one is called the gel polish. Now when you go to a parlor what you get is the gel polishing. Though it may seem nice at first you do a little bit of research you will see that gel polish harms your nails and not only that even the light under which the manicure is done will most definitely harm your skin as well.

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Apart from the harms that are caused by the light and gel polishing in manicure centres another harm that happens is when the gel starts to come off from your nails. It usually takes one to three weeks when the gel starts to come off. And this is the time when you should be most careful because if you don’t take rinse your nails once they start to come off, it is much likely to harm your under nail skin as well as your nails as a whole. All these harms and health-related issues are present when you are getting your nails done in manicure parlors. If you are interested to know more about manicure and the threat they may posses to your health, then be sure to get all the information you need from Honestdocs. To know more about their health related Writing and articles do visit their official website.

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