Four Reasons Why Mac Is Better Than Windows

If this year you have proposed to renew your computer and in recent years you have only tried the Microsoft operating system, before purchasing a new computer take a look at the reasons why Mac is better than Windows. There are reasons to think twice before deciding on a Windows PC and also the opposite.

Windows is the most widespread operating system does not mean that it is the best. If you are thinking of giving Apple computers a chance, here are a few reasons to go to Mac.

Mac Has A More Attractive Design

One of the main reasons why mac is preferable is that it has a good looking design. We know that appearance is not all we need, but it is a very good point that we should have in mind when choosing. If we add the same hardware and performance to a more attractive aspect, it is clear that the option we are going to choose is the one with the best design.

MacOS Is Very Easy To Use

MacOS is very easy to use, which is another reason why Mac is more preferable to Windows. You can start using your device right out of the box all you need is to set up your iCloud account and Antivirus for Macs [แอนตี้ไวรัส สำหรับ แม็ค which is the term in Thai] then you can start working. On the contrary, Windows computers require a more comprehensive configuration and usually come with pre-installed manufacturer software of little use that slows down the computer.

With MacOS, You Are More Productive

Another good reason why macOS is better than Windows is that it improves your productivity. Once you have already started using an Apple operating system and you buy a windows computer, you will miss the Mac keyboard shortcuts and more especially the useful gestures of the trackpad or the Magic Mouse.

Mac Is More Secure Than Windows

Security is another main reason for moving to Mac. Although the operating system of Apple computers is not impenetrable, the truth is that macOS has much less virus than Windows. This does not mean that it has none and that you can do without a good Virus scanner [ตัวสแกนไวรัส which is the term in Thai], but it does allow you to be exposed to a smaller number of threats compared to the Microsoft operating system.

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