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The first thing we think when it comes to chatbots is a science fiction movie in which artificial intelligence is attacking humans. However, we are not here to talk about the robot apocalypse, because the reality tells us that the use of chatbots is perfect for boosting your marketing efforts

By definition, a bot is a computer program that can automatize particular assignments and tasks. When it comes to chatbots, their main goal is to use preset conversation modes to answer customer questions and help you with sales.

Have in mind that these bots feature artificial intelligence as well as NLP or natural language processing. You should click here  to learn more about customer service in general. 

Of course, you can easily program them by using IF-THEN statements, but the most advanced ones can learn from experience and improve their feedbacks without human involvement.

Today, most of them can reply with text but also use images, videos, audio, gifs and other forms that will help you get what you wanted in the first place. 

At the same time, places, where you can implement them, have grown as well, which means that you can apply them in apps such as WhatsApp and Messenger as well as other websites.

You do not have to worry, because you do not need engineering skills and programming knowledge to do it. You can find numerous services available on the market where you can create a chatbot without a programming background.

Remember that these platforms come with different possibilities, which means that you should research before making up your mind.

Tips for Chatbot Marketing 


  • Understand the Frequently Asked Questions within Your Industry Niche


The most important factors that will determine whether your chatbot will be efficient include adding proper content that will appeal to users and visitors. The most famous example of chatbot implementation is in the form of a customer service bot.

The main goal of this particular bot is to help customers by answering their questions because responses can be delivered in a matter of seconds.

However, you have to pre-program it properly, which means that you should learn about frequently asked questions within your industry niche beforehand. Check out this site: to learn everything about smartbots in general. 

The easiest ways to find FAQs for your industry niche is by understanding these points:

    • Talk With Customer Service Team – The first thing that you should do is talk with your customer service team because they will have a list of numerous questions that people are asking daily. 


  • Social Media Support Team – The next stop should be people that organize your social media pages and engage with people through them. They will also have a bunch of questions that most people are asking along the way, which is an essential consideration.
  • Marketing Team – Apart from customer service staff, you should talk with the marketing team so that you can determine which questions are important and which ones will create a sales funnel, which is an essential consideration for boosting your customer service efficiency. Most of them will know the common sales questions that will lead to becoming your customers, so you should ask them to provide you a list of questions that can easily convert.
  • Check Online – Finally, you can start searching for suggestions that will pop up on a Google search bar as you decide to check for questions about your industry niche. Remember that some places such as Reddit and Quora are perfect sources for getting insights into problems people have about your business services and products.
  • Create a Conversation Tree


Keep in mind that conversation bots will work correctly if you implement as many questions as you can. 

Of course, while doing it, you should be as specific and direct as possible. If you neglect this particular point, it will be more challenging for a chatbot to provide a perfect customer experience as well as find the right answer.

That is the main reason why you should create a conversation tree. The best way to understand this particular point is by picturing a large flowchart. It has to start with an initial hello from the bot and the first question that the user makes, and you should start from there.

The idea is to build conversation as much as you can by using direct sentences and questions. Through it, you can create different conversation directions based on various situations that may happen along the way.


  • You Won’t Need Open-Ended Conversations


Remember that open-ended conversations usually lead to confusion, which is the worst thing that you can do during customer service. 

Remember that confusion will lead to lousy experience for the user, which means that they are less likely to become your customers in the first place.

The most popular questions that you have to implement include the possibility for the user to choose a proper subject from the beginning by clicking on the criteria you added. As soon as they tap to a statement, the bot will answer following the preset answers. 


  • Let Visitors Know That They Can Contact Human Customer Service As Well


It is vital to understand that people like chatbots and they are not turned off by them, which is fantastic information that you can use as an advantage. The main reason for that is that bots are efficient and will provide them speedy answers to their problems.

On the other hand, some of them prefer to live communication with humans, which you should always leave as a possibility. We recommend you to visit this link: if you wish to learn everything about Facebook Messenger chatbot marketing. 

By doing that, you will not need as many people as you had beforehand, but you will also be able to address more complex questions that require a human touch.

You have to let people know that they can talk with human customer service anytime they want, which will maintain their relationship with you.


  • Create Welcome Message


Finally, if you wish to establish your brand’s voice, you should create a proper welcoming message that will include a call to action, brand name, and other things that you may find useful and engaging.

Remember that chatbots are extensions of your tone and voice, which means that you should equip them with a warm and direct welcome message.


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