Questions to Ask an SEO Company Before Hiring It

Most businesses spend a majority of their marketing budget on online presence at Google, Facebook and other big internet websites because of this fact it is an important financial decision which company the client should hire to perform one of the most important parts of any online marketing strategy the search engine optimization or SEO for short.

Choosing the best SEO companies is a very complex matter and which company to hire will be dependent on an array of things therefor the following list is just a start when choosing the SEO company that is the best fit for the client.

  • It used to be that SEO was only focused on search engines like Bing and Google but the online world has grown a lot and these days SEO for sites like Facebook is also very important and the key to getting good SEO results on Facebook is going to be different compared to the key for ranking high on Google, therefore, it is important to first think about what SEO is needed.

Many clients are fine with just good SEO scores on Google for others Facebook might be the most important and for a third client, it might be a mix. After the client has thought about where the SEO company should focus their efforts the client can look for SEO companies that only focus on the mix of SEO rankings that corresponds to that of the client’s wishes instead of going with an SEO company that is not specializing in what the client need.

  • How do the SEO company reach high rankings on Google, Facebook, and other sites? SEO used to be a shady business with SEO companies bidding low on contracts and then artificially boosting the ranking by either employing bots or cheap click farms, people in low wage countries that are clicking on links to get the rankings up.

The problem with bots or click farms is that it does not drive real traffic, the client might see a sharp increase in traffic to their site be happy that the SEO company did what they promised and pay the company but soon after the traffic stops and no new customers are gained. It is also unethical by the SEO company to boost rankings this way as it conflicts with the terms of services of all major search engines and social media sites.

What the client want is organic traffic by real people who want their product there is no point in paying for artificial clicks and rankings that starts falling as soon as the bots stop that is not a good use of the marketing money. These days many SEO companies have cleaned up their act and are behaving more professionally since they realized that return customers are better long term and that big corporation will not put up with shady SEO practices, on top of it all Google has cracked down on a lot of these less than ideal SEO companies. However, it is still a good idea to ask around and search the internet for the name of the SEO company the client wants to hire in order to make sure that they are not involved in anything shady or unethical.

  • Clients should not be afraid to experiment with keywords, a good SEO company will bring the client a list of some sort with the keywords they think the client should focus on but if the client has other plans, inputs or ideas the SEO company should respect them and see if they work better, after all the client knows their own business the best.

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