Collecting Data Using Packet Sniffing

Even though packet sniffing isn’t fashionable as using Web Logs, Web Beacons and JavaScript tags, it is considered the most sophisticated means of collecting web data. A packet sniffer can be a layer of software that’s a element of the internet servers and runs “on top” in the server data layer. Otherwise, it’s also a real little bit of hardware that’s affixed within your data center, and many types of readers are then routed for the server with the packet sniffer solution.

One of the vendors who provide packet sniffing web analytics solutions are Clickstream Technologies. Some sites, for instance SiteSpect use interesting means of leveraging packet sniffers, while using technology for multivariate testing, thus eliminating the addiction to tagging a blog to carry out the testing.

1. You have to follow five steps to collect data through packet sniffing:

2. The customer types your URL in the browser.

3. The request experiences a credit card applicatoin- or hardware-based packet sniffer that collects options that come with the request that could return more data in regards to the Customer for the packet sniffer.

4. Next the request is routed towards the internet server with the packet sniffer.

5. The request experiences the packet sniffer towards the client. The packet sniffer captures information regarding the page coming back and stores that data. Some vendor packet-sniffing solutions fasten a JavaScript tag that could return more data in regards to the customer for the packet sniffer.

6. The packet sniffer transmits the page towards the customer browser.

The benefits of using packet sniffers because the data collection mechanism are highlighted below:

1. Since all data experiences the packet sniffer, it first eliminates the requirement to use JavaScript tags for that website, or possibly theoretically, to touch your website whatsoever.

2. Time for you to promote is much more compared to JavaScript tagging because it depends upon IT to approve and install additional software and hardware inside the data center. Even though time required is under that required for other methods.

3. Lots of data might be collected instantly – more than with standard JavaScript tagging. For instance, server errors, bandwidth usage, all technical data additionally to page-related business data will probably be available. Packet sniffing provides the clearest data possible.

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