Best Online Gaming Software That Hides Your Identity

We all worry about being hacked when we play online games. There are numerous YouTube videos out there that are actually quite funny because they are a hacker breaking into MOBA games and telling people about where they come from. How true these videos are or whether they are set up is unknown by most of us, but that still doesn’t stop us from thinking that the possibility of being hacked while playing online games is a very real threat. 

Now you can have the best gaming laptop, but all that means is that you are giving hackers more power to use your processing resources to hack your machine. On top of this, you are giving them a reason to use the resources on your computer because they want to take advantage of the expensive and sophisticated processing power your computer has. Sometimes this is for personal missions such as mining Bitcoin, and other times it is to use your computer as a gateway into a gaming community. 

One way to make sure that you cannot be hacked while playing games online, especially MOBA games, is by using an encrypted VPN. This will mean that all requests to the gaming sever will be made by another IP address other than your own. This means that if a hacker did manage to find out or get through the gaming server and into the device making the requests for the game, they would hit a VPN server with only encrypted sessions. The hacker would be stopped dead in his or her tracks and have to look for a more open target thus leaving you alone. 

If you want to hide the fact that you have been playing web-based games on your computer, such as a work machine, then you can also use a VPN. You can also use free software such as navigazione privata to hide your tracks when gaming online, but this is not always the safest way to hide the fact you are playing games online from your IT department as these guys and gals can see all your outgoing connections from your machine regardless of whether you are using incognito. 

The one surefire way to make absolutely sure you are not going to get hacked and that you 100% cover your tracks by hiding any connections to gaming websites from your machine is by using VPN software. There are also many other gaming benefits to using VPNs and putting your gaming laptop to good use. For one, you can play in other countries. 

Some gaming servers only connect you to a pool of gamers in the same location as you. This is not a bad thing and they do it because the connection speeds will be faster and people will not DC from games as much. However, if you are bored of playing on a toxic server where the players in your country tend to have a bad reputation, then you can always swap over to a gaming server in a region or country where people are more friendly. To do this, you can use a VPN that will unlock any geo-restrictions. 

In the end, online gaming is fun, but hackers are also on the prowl on these gaming servers. You need to make sure you are protected. Also, if you want to hide your gaming activity you can use navigazione sicura tools mode or in private browsing but this will not totally hide records of you visiting the gaming server because your internet router will have recorded your machine as connecting. The only way to get around this is by using a VPN. As an added bonus, a VPN can also give you access to gaming in multiple countries around the world. 

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