Why Brands Should Focus Their Marketing Efforts on Instagram

Digital marketing has taken the marketing in its swirl that there is a need for all users of the social network to stay abreast of the latest trends. Developing a marketing strategy is the best way of reaching audiences as most consumers are on social media networks and apps.

Need for Instagram 

In today’s competitive landscape, there is a need to capture audiences’ attention. Generating momentum through earned media and owned media channels helps in developing a marketing strategy on Instagram. Not many brands realize they have the power to get more video views through the platform, simply by using hashtags and creating content that is evergreen and searched for on a daily basis. This also proves to be a powerful way of showcasing your services, goods or brand. You can promote brand relevance, solidify brand messaging, and gain exposure to new customers.

Instagram is the favorite for millennial users and teens and so brands into Instagram marketing will be able to enjoy more purchasing power as they reach future generations.

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Marketing Strategy to Know

 Instagram marketing involves publishing content and creating an account. However, to focus on marketing efforts on Instagram, there is a need to drive sales. The marketing efforts on Instagram should have tactical delivery of posts to see positive ROIs.  A few strategies ensure robust Instagram presence:

  • Know Your Audience. Reflect the interests and values by developing content to attain Instagram branding success.
  • High-quality Images. It is a must to post high-quality images on Instagram. Visually captivating is the aim to get attention from audiences. Smartphone cameras are not a disqualification, but a professional camera is the best. Edit contents using the Instagram editor.
  • Be Consistent. Posting regularly creating a recognizable aesthetic generates engagement of higher levels and keeps the audiences reaching you again for content.
  • Engage with followers. Instagram increases engagement and communicating with consumers/followers on social media channels ensures establishing brand identity.
  • Include Right Hashtags. A trending hashtag is sure to help people in developing a unique hashtag so that it drives social conversations. It helps in converting into sales of everyday consumers.
  • Partnering with popular content creators is an effective way of growing or expanding the content reach. There is a need for the influencers to increase engagement and to reach audiences.

Instagram is the most important prominent social channel and managing social media incorporating Instagram marketing strategy helps the brands and business growth.  Here are a few reasons why brands should focus their marketing efforts on Instagram.

Why is Instagram important?

Building a relationship is assured with Instagram. This is a place that allows sharing visual content and lets people know what you do and about your brand.  It offers a product-centric approach and there is a need to focus on the feelings. Instagram offers an emotional response to encourage your brand and there is a positive impact of the overall business and the path is apparent from visibility to sales and customers returning.

Instagram is storytelling-centered. Regardless of age, people love stories and become engrossed in the news that they are drawn to funny events or dramatic counts. Storytelling keeps the business perspective creates an emotional relationship with your audience.

Tip: Use ‘behind-the-scenes’ clips as Instagram Stories to share with people and reveal the story behind your brand!

Why Instagram is effective for Business 

Instagram is photo-based. A common point is that visual images stay in your mind rather than the content. The most-engaging content is the ones featuring visual posts. Instagram engages your fans and resonates with the audience visually developing across the board, your branding. This helps to incorporate the imagery into marketing channels.

Tip: Maintain a particular style and color scheme so that your brand identity is reinforced.

Instagram marketing is about reaching people

Instagram has millions of monthly users and as Instagram offers a huge potential, businesses look for Instagram. Hashtags are important for Instagram and you can be right in front of your audience with hashtags in place. Use relevant hashtags and create targeted ads by setting some budget and time aside so that you reach potential customers.

Tip: Over usage of hashtags can have a negative impact, so be aware.

Perfect opportunity to stay connected

Instagram beats, Twitter and Facebook as the engagement rate is high among the social channels.  It offers a higher engagement rate for brands that audiences here are at liberty to the branded contents. Generating engagement means to talk about your products or brand, and to comment on videos and photos. Start conversations using hashtags and inspire your followers. Publishing products or brand videos and photos alone cannot bring people to connect. Increasing likes is about staying connected and it should automate engagement, a crucial metric to concentrate. This translates into loyal customers and real sales.

Tip: A successful Instagram helps to boost brand engagement effortlessly.

Feedback and insights

 A marketer monitors conversation regarding their products and brand on social media. Tracking your mentions on blogs, forums, Twitter, and Facebook means it is a must to comprehend the way customers see your brand and identify brand advocates. The feedback and the insights of Instagram should be utilized, it is a goldmine.

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