Create Your Next Stage Digital Marketing Plan

Optimize all the traffic channels that your website/business can ever appear on.

When going through all the possible methods of how to get more people to your website, and/or how to grow your online business (or online store), you would have included most of the channels or traffic sources below.

  • Search engines (SEO and PPC through Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc)
  • Social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc)
  • Bookmarking sites
  • Video and/or video broadcasting platforms
  • Audio or podcast sites
  • Forums and Q & A sites

If you have not yet covered most of the traffic channels, refer to the free traffic sources list which provides a very comprehensive list of more than 200 traffic sources.

But when your website (and/or brand) has appearances in most of the channels mentioned above, then you are still looking further growth to your business, one approach is to spend time and effort optimizing each of the channels.

Set up and start email marketing campaigns.

This is the next stage in your marketing plan.

Obviously, you will first need to have people’s email addresses before you can even start. Your site would already have a lists of email addresses that you have previously collected. But where have you possibly collected the emails?

  • The emails could have been collected through the newsletter subscription on your site.
  • People who have not bought any items from your website, but may have registered as a user. During registration, they would have provided their email addresses.
  • Your existing customers would have given you their emails when they purchased from you.

How are you going to send emails? You can sign up one of the email programs (such as Mailchimp, Aweber, etc) or even email marketing automation tool like Activecampaign, Drip, etc. You should then be able to start creating the different email marketing workflows to capture new leads and nurture existing leads. i.e. One of your end goals is always to convert leads into customers (who purchase from you).

  • Create a welcome email for anyone who signs up on your website regardless of any reason.
  • Create a specific automated email workflow for people who subscribe through your landing page that shows a specific offer.
  • Create another specific email sequence for visitors who sign up to receive an industry specific information that you provide.

This list of automated emails should go on for a few more items.

Track the results and optimize accordingly.

Make sure you have set up properly to measure the results (or performance) of all your different digital marketing efforts, including the traffic channels and/or email marketing campaigns. This way, you will know which specific channel does well (or relatively better) for certain products or offers. You can then optimize your marketing budget and time to get even better results in sales.


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