Build A Profitable Business In Three Steps

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You can always build an online business with the three simple steps.

  • Identify a niche market.
  • Pick a website builder and launch the website.
  • Get people to your website and buy from you.

Identify a niche market

Find a niche that you’re interested to get into and work on for at least the next 5-10 years. You can research on Google, Quora’s Q&A, and other forums specific to the industries (or niches). You can ask your friends or talk to people in your local communities or events, and hope that you’ll find the best niche with relatively low competition. To make things simpler, you can get ideas from this list of niches that have more than 2000 ideas organized into many sub categories.

The key for choosing the niche is that you want it to have low competition. The relatively low competition would usually let you have a bigger profit margin.

Pick a website builder and launch the website

You can choose from many different website builders including, Clickfunnels, WordPress and Woocommerce, BigCommerce, and others.

In this case, let’s say you’ve chosen Shopify which is a cloud-based website builder that requires no coding skill from you. With Shopify, you can quickly launch any online store.

Go through the following steps to set up a Shopify store.

  • Sign up for a new Shopify account with free trial.
  • Install one of the free themes that is available.
  • Add a website logo.
  • Add the product including product names, descriptions, photos, prices, shipping information, payment information, and more.
  • Create collections for your different products.
  • Set up all other required pages including terms and conditions.
  • Buy a custom domain name.
  • Put your website live by removing the password restriction.

Get people to your website and buy from you

You can start with going all in and buy advertising to get traffic (people) to your website. But let’s first complete all the internet marketing activities without having to spend marketing budget.

Make use of social media. Set up profiles and/or brand pages for your website on Facebook, Twitter, and more.

When you set up your Shopify website, you should’ve completed the basic on-page SEO. Make sure the product names and description are very descriptive and highly related to each product.

Reach out to your friends, business partners, clients, and local communities, and tell them about your new website.

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