Be Knowledgeable About The Torrent Norge When You Download

When you are in Norway in a vacation and downloading materials from the internet or performing any other activities online, you should be very careful about the torrent Norge, or pirated streaming, in simple terms. In few countries there may be strict laws imposed on uses and may fetch hefty penalties, monetary loss and even legal consequences. This is because any for of pirating is a crime and therefore you may be fined for indulging in such a criminal act of torrent downloading in Norway. However, the Norwegian rule is somewhat liberal because it may not be a big issue if only you are downloading it for private use, though it is illegal.

The way it works

The way the torrent rule process works is pretty much similar to all other regions literally. The holders of the rights will ask the ISP about the person behind the IP. This helps them in suing the person for damages. However, the good thing about the Norwegian ISPs is that they are not bound or legally obligated to divulge your personal information to any other party in absence of any court order. This is because there was a recent change to the copyright laws in Norway. This actually weakened the data protection significantly.

Support of the court

There was an instance before when some of the rights holder organizations here in Norway went to court to obtain information about different parties for torrent downloads and ended up losing in the supreme court. This eventually made it pointless for any right holder to try and gather information from Norwegian ISPs for torrent downloading. The court system will turn down these applications. However, things can get really tough if you upload things or run your own tracker. Therefore, be careful when you submit content online instead of sharing data through torrent downloading.

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