Read this to know how to choose the right power supply for your server:

You might be running an organization, and in a need to setup a server system. However, this is not as easy as it sounds. A server has various kinds of parts and you have to have some knowledge about those components so you do not end up buying the wrong product. One such component is a Server power supply [เครื่องสำรองไฟ server, which is the term in Thai]. There are various kinds of power supplies available in the market. It could be quite intimidating for you to choose one out of millions of options. However, this process can become easy once you understand the basic working mechanism of a power supply. The general of thumb while buying such a device is to aim for the higher efficiency. The higher the efficiency of the component, the more benefits it will provide you.

Efficiency matters the most while choosing a power supply:

Power supplies have been categorized into three forms according to their efficiency: titanium, platinum and gold. A titanium power supply is said to offer the best efficiency among all. Efficiency of a component defines how much electricity has been wasted in the form of heat. Higher efficiency also ensures that you use low amount of power, thereby cutting down expenses on your electricity bill. The best option power supply that is available in the market with no bad customer reviews is Pluto 800.

Calculate your power consumption level before you make a choice:

It is highly crucial that you do calculate the total power needed by all the components available in your server rack. By using a power supply of higher wattage, you would just be wasting extra money. There are various sites available online on which you can enter your components and it will automatically calculate the power consumption for you.

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