IT Security Consulting Seattle Guide

Digital technology, computer technology and other modern types of technology are everywhere—and they need to be protected in order to keep millions of people’s personal and vital information safe and secure. Everything from credit card information to social security numbers to other highly private and sensitive data is stored through technology today, which is where IT security comes into play. Protection from cyber threats and similar digital threats is the key to protecting sensitive information. If you are in need of IT security consulting Seattle, consider the following guide to the ways that IT security consulting can help you. 

Network Security Reviews

Regular network security reviews are essential for maintaining proper network and data security. Security reviews will include regular examinations of the network itself in order to find potential weaknesses in the system and fix those weaknesses; security reviews will also include recommendations to improve security and prevent future weaknesses from being exploited.

Network Perimeter Scans

Regular perimeter scans are essential in order to look for new threats, discover threats which made it past the regular security system, and handle those threats appropriately. Regular, scheduled scans are essential because new digital threats happen every day and can impact any computer or device connected to the internet. Regular scanning will keep data and computers safe from infiltration and damage from viruses and other security exploits.

Security Compliance Assurance

Security compliance is essential in many industries which must abide by certain state or federal laws. For instance, any organization dealing with private medical information will need to abide by HIPAA regulations which include regulations for how data is stored, encrypted and accessed. An IT security consultation team can help ensure that your organization is abiding by any necessary laws and regulations related to your industry.

Secure Endpoints

It is not just cloud data that needs to be protected, but endpoints such as the actual desktops and devices as well. Bolstered endpoint security can be provided by an IT security consultation team that will ensure endpoints are regularly scanned and kept secure. Endpoint security can include the installation of specific security-based software such as firewalls and anti-virus software as well as the scheduling of regular security scans that can scan multiple drives and ensure every file on the endpoint is scanned and checked for weaknesses, viruses and other exploits. 

Professional IT Security Consultation Services

If your business or organization stores, manages or otherwise access any type of data on computers or other devices, then you need the services of a professional IT security consultation team. IT security consultation teams can help make sure that your company, client and other private data is kept secured and away from prying eyes, hackers, and anyone else attempting to lift sensitive data. A security consultation team can also help make sure that everything from your cloud based backups to physical endpoints is up to date with the appropriate security software and scanning software that can detect and remove problems as they happen. 

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