Digital Signs, Visual Merchandising, Electronic Billboards…? Dictionary Please!

Yep, you’ve probably heard it millions of occasions before… digital age is well and truly here! You’ll need only have a look around to determine the planet is converting to digital in each and every way – cameras, tvs, books music – so it is no wonder that signs has leaped aboard and brought one step in to the digital world.

Appearing everywhere before our very eyes, digital signs are available in a number of different places the supermarket, publish office, trains and buses, nightclubs and pubs. Using the convergence of digital signs in many diverse industries and technologies, digital signs market is beginning to get carefully aligned along with other, much bigger industries for example reason for purchase (POP) displays, or perhaps advertising. Although this integration into other industries is essential for that growth and evolution of products like interactive kiosks and digital signs, there’s an absolute problem continuing to move forward… exactly what do we make reference to ourselves as?

Digital signs is known by a few different names – captive audience systems, electronic display systems, digital dynamic signs, narrow casting, data casting, digital in-store merchandising, worker TV, out-of-home media systems, retail TV, digital media systems, electronic billboards… which list most likely grows week by week. There’s a lot of overlap between these terms, however the slightly different connotations provided to them through the different companies on the market causes it to be hard to determine things to look for when you are performing an internet search or speaking to some consultant.

Inside a positive stance, a united states retail marketing organisation named POPAI continues to be produced to advertise the adoption of dynamic digital signs, technologies and applications. This latest group is organised included in the POPAI structure and concentrates on issues specific to dynamic digital signs as well as in-store systems.

Anything you make reference to it by, there’s no denying the advantages the wide array of services and products underneath the umbrella of digital signs can offer companies and venues alike.

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