BESCOM online payments – safe and secure method

Pay your electricity bills seamlessly, efficiently and smoothly with no tension and stress. With most state boards of electricity enabling their customers to pay for their bills online and digitally, most electricity consumers today in the country are heaving sighs of relief. Online payment is an easy, reliable and safe method of settling bills, especially utility bills.

For consumers of BESCOM or Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Ltd., paying for their bills online is now question of comfort and ease. The payment can be done from the brand website of BESCOM or by using a payment aggregator’s site like that of Paytm, MobiKwik or PhonePe. In order to continue and proceed with your online electricity bill payment, you need these things mandatorily:-

  • Consumer id or account id.
  • A smartphone or a smart device like your computer, laptop or an Ipad.
  • Strong internet connectivity.

Online payment is much safer and securer in comparison to the cash or use of fiat currencies. While cash can get lost and also be easily stolen; the chances of losing digital money is rare and the chances of the same being stolen does exist but if proper care is taken, this too can be foolproof. 

What is that consumers need to do to ensure that they are able to conduct online transactions safely?

Resellers and service providers, on their part do a lot and invest heavily in making their networks inaccessible to hackers. But when consumers conduct such transactions with full caution and safely, it is guaranteed that the online system will be infallible. Here are certain to-do’s to keep in mind during online financial transactions like paying for BESCOM bills:-

  • It is better to use an App vis-a-vis the browser-enabled system for Apps store personalized information and have more sound systems to protect them from unauthorized access. 
  • If using the browser, it is better to check for the pad lock symbol at the place where the site address is mentioned.
  • Always type the site address rather than using links for many a times such links have been found to be malicious and bogus.
  • Ensure that the site address has the alphabet- s after the customary http.
  • Never save your user id details and password on your computer or phone. 
  • Always exit the browser and the App before moving onto another task or activity.
  • Use a password protected smartphone that makes it instantly inaccessible for others.
  • Never use a public computer system for online transactions.
  • Abstain from using a public Wi-Fi network. Rather use the network in the office or home or the mobile data from your hand phone.
  • When paying for BESCOM bills, ensure that you use the credit card, the e-wallet or UPI systems for safe transactions. Netbanking and debit card, being connected direct to your bank account can be a bit risky for use.
  • Use a reseller site for payments so that you can take advantage of cash back offers and/or promo deals that most resellers promote online at their platforms. 

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