4 important features of the VPN!

VPN is an essential part of privacy and security when working or browsing online. There are a lot of features offered by free VPN service.

We are going to discuss the free VPN features which should be checked before using a Vpn free.

You don’t need to look for the features which are not useful; the basic aim of the free VPN is to provide you anonymity when browsing online.

Check these features offered by the Vpn free and make sure that your VPN has all of them otherwise you need a new one.

Updated apps

VPN makes sure that you remain up to date with all the apps and the operating system which you are using. They never advertise about their updates so you have to speak with their customer support to get complete information about the updates which they are offering.

Mostly the Vpn free updates with the updates of the android or the iOS so that the new VPN version is compatible with the operating systems.

Clear logging policy

The logging policy of the VPN providers is important, most of the providers say that they don’t need the logging from the customers but that is not entirely true.

You can find information about the logging policy on their privacy policy page. Make sure you select a VPN with a clear logging policy.

They should mention that which type of data is stored in their system and which methods are used for storing the data.

Don’t believe the marketing hype; you need to check this yourself that the VPN is safe and not selling your information.

Customer support

Problems arise in the VPNs at the most unexpected time so make sure that the VPN provider has the customer support. The customer support should be dedicated and solve your problems immediately.

Whether it is a holiday or not, the problems may arise and you need the customer support present to solve your problems. Customer support costs the companies a lot of money and this is what separates the good and the bad companies.

Some VPN providers have live chat options as well and give email support to the customers. Having phone support is very rare but it is a pro feature for sure.

Server near your physical location

Don’t believe the marketing hype; select a company which provides servers near your physical location. If the VPN is away from your physical location, the speed gets affected. A server near your location would always provide you the best connection speed.

Don’t believe the numbers of the servers as long as they are not near you. They mostly have the complete list of their servers, make sure that they are around you.

These are some of the important features which you must check before using a VPN service, otherwise, you will not have the benefits you are looking from the VPN.

If you want a paid VPN instead of a free VPN, they may provide you some additional features as well.


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